The Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club is sponsoring a writing contest to honor teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 6th. This contest is open to all students in the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School, Hudson Public School District, Immaculate Conception Schools, and Marlborough Public School District.

Here’s How It Works: Students write an essay or poem answering one of these two questions: “What makes your teacher so good at their job?” or “How does your teacher inspire you?” Students in grades K-2 should write one or two sentences and draw a picture answering one of the questions. K-2 students are allowed the help of an adult to do the actual writing, but both the words and drawing must come from the student. Each entry should be submitted with the entry form. Students in grades 3-4 will write 3-4 paragraphs and those in grades 5-12 will write 300 word essay or poem. One essay from each district will be chosen and the district will receive an award in honor of the winning teacher.

Deadline for entry is May 23, 2014. The winning teacher from each school district will be invited to the MJWC business meeting on June 3, 2014 to receive an award. The entry form and rules can be found on the Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club website located at It may also be found on the websites of the participating districts.