The good news is you don’t have to choose between volunteering at Second Saturday and volunteering at the Convoy of Hope on Saturday October 12th! ALL the Second Saturday jobs will involve serving at the Convoy of Hope in Stevens Park, Marlborough.

Although this event is organized by faith-based groups, dozens of human services groups will be there with the goal of providing support to people who could use a helping hand, whether due to poverty or other needs. Attendees will be treated to lunch, receive free haircuts, bags of groceries, family portraits, medical screenings, and information about social services that they might qualify for. In addition, there will be entertainment and a prayer tent. Also, note that if you are involved in a group (scouts or what have you) that wants to volunteer together; you can sign up as a group on the Convoy of Hope website.

To learn more about Convoy of Hope, visit the Convoy of Hope website.

For more information about volunteering in Marlborough, visit the Main Street Journal Convoy of Hope volunteer information page.