“If you have the chance to do something, do it…. you might not have the chance again later.”

How did you find out about Marlborough Juniors?

The community newsletter

What convinced you to join?

I knew noone and just showed up to my first meeting and was instantly welcomed.

What positions have you held in club?

Chairwoman of Public Issues

What has been your favorite project(s) in club and why?

Princess Boutique is always a highlight, but I enjoyed knitting circle with the seniors at Christopher Heights quite a bit.

What do you like best about being a Marlborough Junior?

I seem to learn something new at each meeting about my community.

Briefly describe the culture of Marlborough Juniors:

Passionate kind hearted women looking to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

What is your “day job?” How (if at all) do the skills and/or connections from your job help Marlborough Juniors?

I drive a school bus for the Worcester Public Schools, and I’ve been fortunate enough that my boss has donated transportation for girls from Worcester to the Princess Boutique for the past few years.

What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself.

I’m an avid reader, I dabble in writing, but my passion is seeing theater and traveling (usually for theater lol)

What is your guilty pleasure (TV show, sweet treat, etc.)?

I can’t get enough of cooking shows.

What are you passionate about?

teaching nature to our kids; travel

What is your favorite app or social media outlet?

I tend to spend more time on Instagram with Twitter a close second.

What is your dream vacation spot?

I absolutely fell in love with Europe, I think I would move to London in a heartbeat if I had the chance.