MJWC teamed up with Furnishing Options in Marlborough to collect much needed blankets, sheets, towels and other linens to stock the shelves for the coming winter months.  Juniors and Furnishing Option volunteers fanned out and collected hundreds of items — so much so it’s been a challenge finding storage space!  Two Juniors especially should be called out for their efforts, Sue Waudby and Kerry Higgins.  They worked tirelessly on the project and have given up much needed storage space in their homes for this project.  Sue and Kerry embody the Junior spirt!

Furnishing Options is a program of Employment Options, run by volunteers, that mobilizes community support to obtain surplus furniture and other household goods and provide them to low-income individuals and families struggling to create homes in the Marlborough area. Additionally, Furnishing Options offers children and adults the experience of generosity and meaningful social action, and provides a setting for vocational skills training.