At the annual Heritage Fair in Marlborough, MA on October 2, 2011, GFWC Marborough Junior Woman’s Club helped sell mugs filled with goodies to benefit Furnishing Options in Marlborough.  Furnishing Options is a terrific organization that we find as many ways as possible to support.  It provides free furniture and household items to people who are coming out of shelters or just establishing homes after difficult situations.  MJWC volunteers every 5th Saturday in the store, makes monetary donations and looks for all kinds of different ways to help this fantastic organization.  This year, one of our members discovered boxes and boxes of coffee mugs someone had donated.  Since they were not really the types of mugs someone might want in their new home, we took them and filled them with goodies then offered them for sale at the Marlborough Heritage Fair.  There were holiday mugs, teacher mugs, lottery mugs and more.  All in all it was a fun and successful fundraiser.  Who knows what we’ll come up with next!

Furnishing Options Mugs