On Tuesday afternoon, May 24th, members of the Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club met Fran Hurley, President of the Marlborough Boys & Girls Club, at the Pleasant Street Clubhouse to deliver two full First Aid kits to the kids at staff (one for the Pleasant Street Clubhouse in Marlborough and one for the Cellucci Club house in Hudson). Members Brenda Geary, Martha Priest, Cindy Roberge and Kathy Klofft were in attendance and welcomed by Fran and many of the children that may need the assistance of these materials some day.

MJWC purchased a base kit containing a full assortment of over 250 products for treating common clubhouse injuries. The assortment ranges from compresses, cotton swabs, alcohol preps, band-aids, aspirin, creams, ointments, eye pads, bandages, gauze, gloves, scissors, ice packs, wipes and basic medication, etc. In addition, MJWC felt like there may be additional needs – so we added more band-aids ranging from basic sizes to knuckle & finger shapes, additional gauze pads and plenty of ice packs, for all of the active children involved in the Club program.

The idea of providing a First Aid Kit came to a MJWC member, while she was volunteering her time at the Boys & Girls Club and was looking for some of these items and realized the Club really could use more to support their population. With that brilliant idea, she approached the MJWC Business meeting and discussed how beneficial this would be and how many staff and students it could help and immediately it was approved. Through a grant from the Brigham Family Trust, MJWC worked with Fran to determine how to bring this to the Club. Fran confirmed quickly that this would be helpful and then the plan was put into motion to make this day come to fruition. Safe kids are always a priority for the Boys and Girls Club and MJWC, this installation of large first aid kits will help them as they serve hundreds of local children through after school programs, Basketball leagues, Summer Camp and other events.

B&G Club First Aid kit B&G Club First Aid kit B&G Club First Aid kit
MJWC members and kids and representatives from the Boys and Girls Club