Love Your Library - Feb 14th

For several years now, the Marlboro Juniors have been embracing February 14th as a new kind of holiday — Love Your Library Day!  While we don’t expect the world to ditch Valentine’s Day, we do think it’s a perfect day to celebrate your local library.

Each year, we present our local librarians with a little appreciation gift.  Marlboro Juniors have always supported our local libraries from the very beginning (it is, after all, our 50th year celebration in 2014).  In the past, we have presented them with a film strip projector (1967) and provided money towards a concert piano (1971) and various donations over the past 50 years. For many years, the Marlboro Juniors helped run the library Bookmobile. Today, we help deliver books to homebound patrons and sponsor museum passes.

Love Your Library Day is just another way Marlboro Juniors want to show appreciation and support for our local libraries.  It is also in the spirit of our parent organization, The General Federation of Women’s Club, who, in the 1930’s:

Having founded over 474 free public libraries and 4,655 traveling libraries, women’s clubs were credited by the American Library Association with establishing 75 percent of America’s public libraries. Supporting local libraries continues to be a Federation priority today.

We have a rich history with libraries.  Why don’t you show your appreciation today? Say thank you to the library staff.  Check out a book or sign up for a program. Join the Friends of the Library group. Check out what they have to offer.  You will be amazed if it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the local library.  Here are some links to libraries in our area.