Elizabeth Y

Member since 2004

A short quote or statement

Carpe diem

How did you find out about Marlborough Juniors?

In the newspaper.. I went to a meeting by myself

What convinced you to join?

My mother was active in community service in our hometown and she had just passed away February of 2004. We had moved to Marlborough November of 1999. I thought it would be a great way to meet other women and honor my mother.

What positions have you held in club?

Ways & Means Chair, Treasurer, Vice President, President

What has been your favorite project(s) in club and why?

Dancing with Celebrities. I think I liked this because it was a giant event where we earned a large amount of money and repeated multiple years.
Of course Princess Boutique, but that to me is the easy answer!

What do you like best about being a Marlborough Junior?

The fact that even though we are all different we have come together over the same belief that giving back to our community is important and we in turn benefit from a family that will always be there for us.

Has Marlborough Juniors contributed to your leadership skills and experience?

Absolutely!! I move fast.. too fast.. and having the position of President meant that twice a month I had to work on my pace and how I listened and answered questions. I am even more conscious of this “work in progress” and my work life has benefited from this.

What is your “day job?” How (if at all) do the skills and/or connections from your job help Marlborough Juniors?

I am an Associate Dean for First Year students at MIT. I am responsible for everything associated with new freshmen and that includes Orientation events. I am used to running events for 1,000+ people. This was a skill I could bring to the role of Ways & Means Chair years ago and still use today.

What is your guilty pleasure (TV show, sweet treat, etc.)?

Reality TV shows: Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother…

If Hollywood made a movie of your life; what actor would you like to see play the lead role as you?

I would have loved Shirley Temple for two reasons: she tapped danced (which I did when I was younger) and always had a smile on her face.