Just before the holidays, nearly 40 families were moved into hotels in the Marlborough area as part of the state’s program to move families into hotels as shelters in the Boston area have filled up.  Read more about in this Community Advocate article.

MJWC member Katherine Hennessy jumped into action first organizing a coat drive followed by a non-perishable food drive. Friends, family and Juniors dropped off coats, gloves, hats, boots and mittens to Katherine’s house. Overall, there were donations of over 40 coats, 5 pairs of boots, multiple sets of hats & mittens, scarves, etc.

As she dropped off the coats, she found out that for many of the families assistance (and transportation) for food would likely be delayed due to the holidays. Katherine put out another plea for non-perishable food and, once again, friends, family and Juniors came through. Sixteen adult and children volunteers assisted with the packing and delivery on December 23rd, 2013 of the food.

Nearly 40 families received individual containers of food for their families. Donations included:

  • Parmalat Milk = 50 cartons
  • Soup = 47 cans
  • Fruit Cans = 62 cans
  • Veggie Cans = 48 cans
  • PB & Jelly and Fluff = 74 containers
  • Pasta = 38 packs
  • Mac & Cheese = 37 containers
  • Granola / Snack Bars = 100 bars
  • Oatmeal = 96 packs
  • Cereal Boxes = 37 boxes
  • Juice Boxes = 56 packs

Thank you Katherine, who is also a member of the Marlborough School Committee, for organizing this much needed help so quickly!

Food Donation for Homeless Families in Marlborough
Food Donation for Homeless Families in Marlborough